How Can A Man With ED Get An Erection?

How Can A Man With ED Get An Erection?

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition in men when they fail to achieve and maintain a firm erection. The likelihood of ED is related to age but it can result from both psychological and physical causes. If you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection one in five times, it is probably nothing to get worried but if you are unable to get and keep an erection more than half the time, you should talk to your doctor about treatment options for erectile dysfunction.

Working through Erectile Dysfunction

The best advice on helping your partner get erect is by finding positions that are comfortable for you and your partner. The tips given below can improve the experience for both of you:

Increase sexual excitement: There are lots of other ways that a man can achieve an erection. You can use your hands, physical stimulation, and your imagination. For many men with erectile dysfunction, a mutual form of masturbation may be easier to get an erection than body-to-body stimulation.

Find the right place and time: Choose a place and time to have sex where you can feel relaxed and unhurried. Don’t hurry into having sex or try to have sex when you are tired.

Be comfortable: If your room is too cold or you can’t get comfortable in bed, you will find it harder to sustain good blood flow and getting an erection. Try taking a hot shower before sex to get relaxed and get your blood flowing better.

Watch what and how much you drink: A little alcohol can relax you and may enhance your sexual experience, which can be good for erectile dysfunction. On the contrary, too much alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction or your ability to maintain an erection. You should also avoid caffeine and nicotine before sex since both of these drugs narrow blood vessels, which can increase erection problems.

If you are unable to get an erection even after vigorous sexual stimulation, you may have to take prescription pills. Some of the erectile dysfunction pills are Vilitra, Cenforce, Vidalista and, Fildena. Make sure you take the medicine as per the dose and duration recommended by the doctor.

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