6 Easy Ways To Grow Eyelashes

Easy Ways To Grow Eyelashes

I was barely six years old when my mother made me understand the importance of eyelashes through her mystic yet exciting stories.

According to her tale, it was a sin to waste salt and to stop me from throwing it away; she’d come up with a spiritual line “don’t waste the salt for god would make you pay the price by forcing you to pick each molecule of it through eyelashes.”

As she always insisted on saving the salt, I slowly realized how beautiful and significant are our eyelashes.

Beginning to realize how beautiful the eyelashes should be, I have tested ten ways to grow them denser, and each method pays a massive contribution to the growth.

Let’s just take a quick sneak peek at these methods so that you grow these beautiful props to stand out from the crowd.

  • Brushing your eyelashes.

How it works: Brushing your eyelashes with comb lash helps to disseminate the necessary oil to the overall length of the lashes. Furthermore, soft combing has always been associated with relaxing the blood vessels, thereby enhancing the blood flow. As the blood flow takes a gigantic leap, the supply of nutrients and oxygen rises, which further assists the faster growth of the lashes.

How to do it: Since eyelashes are too small, you don’t have the luxury to use huge combs with sprawled teeth. Get the brush specially designed for eyelashes, pretty similar to the ones in the mascara tube. You can sprinkle drops such as Bimatoprost or generic Vitamin E nutrients and apply them to the curve of the lashes till the tips so that your lashes get enough power supply to grow.

  • Greasing your lashes.

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