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What is Tadalista 5 Mg?

Tadalista 5 Mg is a powerful and capable medicament that is used in the treatment of erection problems or male impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder wherein, it becomes difficult for a male to get or hold an erection for long enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. Tadalista 5 Mg is an FDA-approved medicament that works on specific body parts and provides results faster than any other ED medicament.

It is manufactured in India by the well-known and reputed pharmaceutical company Fortune Healthcare. It comes in the small but powerful dosage of 5mg of Tadalafil that is a high-quality drug. It provides the cost-effective treatment. Read Tadalista 5 Mg reviews for a better understanding of the medicine.

How Do Tadalista 5 Mg Works?

Tadalista 5 Mg uses the most capable and safe ED drug Tadalafil. It is an excellent PDE-5 inhibitor that works by increasing the blood flow into the penis during sexual intercourse. It is an excellent dilator of blood vessels that further removes any clogged arteries to maintain a smooth and uniform blood supply to the penis. When the penis gets filled with adequate blood it remains hard and erects for a longer duration than usual during sexual intercourse. Thus it allows you to last longer and have a pleasurable time with your partner.

How To Take Tadalista 5 Mg?

Take one dosage of Tadalista 5 Mg as prescribed by your doctor with water only. Do not split or break the medicine, always take it as a whole. Avoid consuming any alcoholic drinks during the medication period. Tadalista 5 mg tablets can be taken with or without the food also. Avoid taking it after a heavy or a fatty meal. Take the Tadalista tablet at least an hour before the sexual activity, once taken you can have the frequency for up to 5 hours. In some cases, you can also experience prolonged effects.

Side-Effects and Precautions:

Tadalista 5 Mg side-effects include dizziness, headache, flushing, drowsiness, muscle pain, nausea, nasal congestion, back pain, diarrhea, or stomach upset. Slightly vision changes or blurred vision is also normal. In case you feel uncomfortable after taking the medicine, stop taking further medication, and consult the doctor on a priority basis.

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